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Built from 1944 to 1948, the Tupolev, Tu-2 was one of the best performing, lite-weight WW-II twin engine bombers. About the same size as the North American B-25, this was the USSR's second most important twin-engine bomber (the first being the Pe-2). The design brought Andrei Tupolev back into favour after a period of detention.

It was highly effective, being faster and more nimble, as well as having a greater bomb load and range, than virtually all medium bombers in service during the war with any army.

Crews were very happy with their Tupolevs. Pilots could maneuver them like fighters and they were fast and tough enough to survive heavy damage. The Tu-2 remained in service in the USSR until 1955.

Some Tu-2s were provided to the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force in 1949 for use in the Korean War. Some Chinese Tu-2s were shot down by British and American airmen during the Korean War. In the 1958-1962 counter-riot actions in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau covering Qinghai, Tibet, southern Gansu, and western Sichuan, Chinese PLAAF Tu-2s took on the roles of ground-attack, reconnaissance and liaison.

The Chinese Tu-2s were also used to bomb frozen lakes and rivers. Finally retired by the end of 1980s.

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